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Sikora Auxilium is a group of creative experts with many years of experience in the field of Internet marketing and broadly understood e-commerce

  • Experienced team
  • Professional analysis of the e-commerce market
  • Consulting in the field of Internet marketing
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Business analysis

Analysis of your current e-platform position in comparison to competition.

E-commerce support

Support and consulting in the filed of development on the e-commerce market.

Individual approach

Personalised help that fits business that you run.


Substantive assistance in creating good practices and building quality policy.


Automation of Internet sales process.

Help of experts

Get help regarding your business from experts with years of experience.

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Nowadays, people have less and less time to shop in the traditional way. The vast majority prefer to pick up the phone or a laptop and shop online. Having your online store or account on any online sales platform helps customers reach your product from anywhere on Earth.

Before starting your adventure with the e-commerce, you should consider some basic issues that will help you choose the perfect sales platform for you. For sure, you need to consider what product you intend to offer. Is there a demand for it? Is it maybe a niche product? Is there a lot of competition? What are my logistics options?

Other important points to consider are website security, additional sales fees, payment methods, integration with other tools and programs, as well as available functions.

The beauty of the site depends on how it works and if it is user-friendly. Make sure your site is fast, easy to use, professional and attractive. Also make sure that you are able to process orders quickly and efficiently. If you cannot offer the service, make sure that the customer has been informed about this fact at least via email.

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